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We, the youth of Russia and the European Union:

• Recognizing mutual hostility in current diplomatic relations between Russia and the European Union;

• Nevertheless, sharing the idea of inseparable Russian and European paths of historical development;

• Highlighting the great importance of cultural exchange for overcoming mutual hostility and upbringing intercultural tolerance;

• Claiming the necessity to develop educational, scientific, cultural and recreational programs of international cooperation;

• Inspired by the example of such practices in other states;

• Facing the problem of high visa services cost, as well as high consular and service fees, often too expensive for youth;

• Recognizing the usefulness and sufficiency of a short-term residence in exploring local traditions and culture, as well as the way of thinking and values of the locals;

• Without losing sight of probabilities of the labor migration and the “brain drain”;

In hope of improving bilateral relations and strengthening the strategic partnership between Russia and the European Union:

1) Insist on the implementation of a bilateral visa-free regime between Russia and the European Union allowing ten-day residence within six months for young people under the age of 25;
2) Encourage all Russian and European youth organizations, that share the main provisions of this Declaration, to join the initiative;
3) Invite European and Russian Governments to explore the issue and find ways to meet the needs of their citizens.